Helping the sports performance to level up through digital conversions.

Technology being in everyone’s palm these days, every business strives to attain the peak performance every step of the way. Among which the sports arena has revolutionized their business, online for delivering personalized sessions to managing their sports organizations.  Having said that, TossZone conceptualizes and designs products implementing innovative methods, to stay ahead of the technology curve in order to engage the fans that every sports enthusiast understands.


Our list of features and modules

Membership database and online payments

This feature brings you extra perks, like being able to link member records to payment systems or send emails to your members. typically hold data, including names, renewal dates, membership levels, and communication preferences. While the online payments attribute  comes with zero set up fees, secure online gateways and the instant payment notifications will be a perk for your business as well as clients too.

Video Streaming and Analysis Solutions

Video streaming allows users to see videos online without the need to download them. It is a consistent transmission of video files from a server source to a user or customer. The analysis solution can ingest, and act on real-time streaming data coming from diverse  sources, and  immediate action can be taken while the events are still happening.

Rankings and Ratings

It gives you an insight into what matters to your respondents. Each response to an item has an individual value. This can be a valuable business tool. If you are making business decisions and have various options to choose from, data from rankings and ratings  will provide a clearer insight into how to satisfy your audience based on what is important to them.


Who We Are And What We Do?

Revolutionizing The Sports Technology

We  are the sports advanced  technology professionals enabling the sports organizations to deliver a seamless sports experience offering state of the art league solutions and stay connected with the clients helping them overcome sports technology challenges.


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